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For a limited time, Nuance is offering NextGen Users a discount on Dragon Medical One licenses. For only $79 a month — over 30% savings — your clinicians can experience fast and easy documentation in the EHR.

Email Jodie at jsinclair@mist-corp.com or give her a call at 877-874-6475 x102 for more details!

Is there a stack of paper on your desk? Is daily scanning and filing creating a work backlog for your practice? Ask us how you can get ahead of your filing with a FREE MONTH of ECS filing services!

Are Facebook messages, comments, and reviews piling up on you? Tired of creating content for your practice, on top of all your other administrative tasks? We'll handle that for you. AND waive first two months' fee!

Email Ashton at aunderdahl@mist-corp.com or give her a call at 877-874-6475 x107 for more information!


Ready to reduce clinic burden and impress your patients with a GetWell Practice Implementation? We are.

Email Tiffani at tbartel@mist-corp.com or give her a call at 877-874-6475x119 to schedule a demonstration!

Did You Know?

Melissa (Technical Project Specialist) started out in healthcare 16 years ago as a Medical Assistant and is now a self-taught SQL database expert.