Our Story

Our experience in healthcare began in 1996 when our President & CEO, Cindy Richardson, along with a team of clinicians, IT staff and key decision makers, deployed NextGen as part of a community wide practice management & EHR solution. Cindy began the endeavor as a practice manager, transitioning into an integral leader of the implementation and support services team. Her strong technical skills and in-depth understanding of the inner-workings of a clinic, elevated her as an invaluable asset to the team. The multi-clinic/multi-specialty implementation required workflow assessments, software & hardware implementation, training, Go-Live and long term support services. In January of 2006, she incorporated the business and Medical Information Software Technology (M.I.S.T., Inc.) was born.

Recognizing the direction of technology in healthcare, Cindy moved the company into a new direction by combining forces with Jodie Sinclair, now M.I.S.T. Vice-President & COO. Jodie’s background in technology and healthcare directly aligned with the future of the company. Her technical aptitude and forward thinking, combined with years of relationship and partnership building were instrumental in growing the client base. The focus of the company is customer focused; offer creative solutions geared toward the specific needs of a client.

In 2007, M.I.S.T. began to expand service offerings to include Dragon Medical speech recognition software solutions, which has proven to be a significant enhancement for improving clinical documentation and efficiency.

In 2008, M.I.S.T. recognized the need to take speech recognition to the next level. To further enhance clinical efficiency, we have developed an integrated solution for NextGen Ambulatory EHR and Dragon Medical called MIST Advantage. The Goal: Reduce clicks, increase productivity and provider satisfaction!

In 2010, Nuance Healthcare developed a program to leverage partners who offered expertise in clinical workflow within specific EHRs. M.I.S.T. became one of few invited into the Nuance NASA program to leverage our expertise in NextGen EHR with Dragon Medical.

In 2014, athenaHealth and M.I.S.T. realized an opportunity leverage a partnership to offer joint clients an elevated level of success. athenaHealth provided an excellent foundation for their clients and M.I.S.T. optimizes client success during and after implementation!

In 2015, M.I.S.T. became CPL certified on athenaNet and became a consulting partner with athenaHealth. In addition, M.I.S.T. partners closely with both athena and Nuance specific to Dragon Medical One and Dragon Medical Embedded for athena as a development and implementation partner.

M.I.S.T. continues to bring innovative solutions to our clients through partnerships, collaboration, providing knowledge and expertise, concentrating on the end goal, and using creativity to bridge the gap!

Did You Know?

Jodie (CEO & President) was DECA President of Bonneville High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho, helping build a foundation for her future as a leader and entrepreneur.